Cookies Policy

What are cookies

Cookies are small text files sent to your computer or mobile device when you visit websites. Cookies allow the improvement of the performance and experience of browsing for our users, making it possible to store and recover information about their browsing habits to customize browsing according to their preferences.

The cookies gathered by ESSENCIA ARCHITECTS do not allow the user to be identified, they store only generic information, namely the form and/or location of access and the way the websites are used. The cookies retain only information related to your preferences as a user.

Cookies used

Analytical Cookies: Are the ones that when well treated by us or others, allow us to quantify the number of users and realize the measurement and statistical analysis of how the users utilize the offered services. We examine your navigation on our website, with the objective to improve our supply of products and services.
– Functionality Cookies: Store the users preferences, relative to the use of the website, to avoid the need to reconfigure the website each time they visit it. Avoiding, for example, the need to place name or email address, every time they visit it.
– Third Party Cookies: Measure the success of applications and the efficiency of third party publicity.
– Publicity Cookies: Are the ones that when well treated by us or others, allow us to manage more efficiently the offer of publicity spaces which exist on the website, analyzing your browsing habits and showing related publicity to your browsing profile.

The previously mentioned cookies, can be of two types:

Permanent Cookies: cookies stored at browser level in the access equipment, such as: computers, smartphones and tablets, being used each time a new visit is made to the website. As a rule, they are used to direct the navigation of interest of the user.
– Session Cookies: temporary cookies which stay in the browsers cookie files until the web page is abandoned, so no register remains on the user’s hard drive. The information stored by these cookies serves to analyze the website traffic patterns. The session cookies allow the improvement of contents and also the use of the website.

If you prefer not to allow cookies you have the choice to deactivate the cookies on the browser you use, but you must be aware that this may prevent some web pages from being correctly presented.

All browsers allow the user to accept, refuse or erase cookies through selection of the advanced navigation definitions. The cookies configuration can be done on the “options” or “preferences” menu. You must however be aware that the deactivation of the cookies may prevent some web services from functioning correctly.