Ricardo Galego Silva

born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Ricardo passed away on the 29th of June 2021

studied at FADU UBA – Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina (1981-1989)

1981-2001 – professional activity in Buenos Aires and the interior of Argentina;

1981-2001 – Managing Partner of GSA (Galego Silva Arquitectos) and of GSC (Galego Silva Construções);

2001-2009 – collaborator of Planassociados (today PLAN Associated Architects), studio of Arch. Armando Dos Reis in Quinta do Lago, Portugal, being responsible for on-site monitoring and project management;

2009-October 2012 – Managing Partner of PLAN Associated Architects, co-responsible for leading and managing the company and the design team, in the areas of architecture and urban design;

2012-June 2021 – co-owner and managing partner of ESSENCIA ARCHITECTS (Essencia Criativa, Lda);

We shall forever be grateful for having shared his passionate and genuine nature, as a friend, an associate and as a talented and free spirited professional who shall continue to inspire us.